About Violet Fusion.

I have been beading since I was 15, when I was given my first beading book. I got hooked and have been beading now for about 13 years. I found beading an easy transition from my original love which was embroidery, as I have an eye for detail and colour.

I started to make my own jewellery when I became globally conscious. I avoided using animal tested products, avoided buying from large multinational companies that were known to utilise slave labour and other such tactics. I realised when I started to do this, just how difficult it was to buy nice jewellery, that is both fair trade and didn't make my neck go green or ears weep! It made perfect sense to just start making my own jewellery, that way I could be assured of the quality and that it was fair trade. Friends and family noticed my work and soon I was making jewellery for everyone.

Then I decided to sell my wares via eBay a few years ago under the rather dull and uninspiring name of Lilith's Arts & Crafts. Thought a name change was loooong overdue. Hence now being called Violet Fusion. The eBay shop has been shut down and this website, to date, is the only outlet for my jewellery.

I love to weave beads freehand, and never use a loom for my work as I prefer the texture of hand woven.

As far as the materials I use are concerned, I always use the highest quality that I can get my hands on. This is partially for the look and durability of the finished piece and also for the benefit of people with skin allergies (such as me). This is why I started using the bead and loop fastening on my range of peyote stitched bracelets and chokers.

I find beadwork hypnotic, cathartic and a very cheap form of therapy. It also keeps my hands busy and in turn keeps me (mostly) out of mischief!

Often, I am found lurking in charity shops. I enjoy finding discarded treasures and recycling into something more beautiful than they were before.

Any questions you have please use the contact button at the top of this page, I will be only too pleased to answer them.