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Lime Double Daisy Bracelet

Lime Double Daisy Bracelet (more)5.99

Triple Purple Snakeskin Bracelet (more)25.99

Lilac and Pink Double Daisy Bracelet (more)5.99

Jade with Ribbon Bracelet (more)19.99

Three reds, snake skin bracelet (more)25.99

Black-jade with stars motif bracelet (more)25.99

Black bracelet with red hearts32.99

Blue, pink chevron bracelet (more)23.99

Red bracelet with scattered blue daisies (more)25.99

Red bracelet with scattered white daisies (more)25.99

Pink bracelet with blue borders and pink daisies (more)25.99

Purple bracelet with multi-coloured swirls32.99

Blue with pink heart bracelet (more)25.99
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"I bought a beautiful, handmade bracelet from Lilith over a year ago. It is fantastic! She is easy to work with on custom designs and shipping was prompt. I would highly recommend buying from Violet Fusion!" -Shann Hardin, USA (auntietanker@yahoo.com)