Custom Design Gallery

Here are some custom designs I have made for customers.

Unfortunately, not all of the photos here are of good quality. This is because some of these custom pieces were produced before I had a decent digital camera. I apologise for this but have included these pieces as I feel they give a rough idea of pattern etc.

If you have any further questions about anything you see here, please use the contact link at the top of the page.

Pearl Bridal Necklace

Pearl Bridal NecklacePearl Bridal NecklacePearl Bridal Necklace

My younger sister is getting married, so I thought I would make her something a little special..

This beautiful, pearl necklace was made using fresh water, potato pearls to give an organic, natural look. I have used swarovski crystals at the front of the necklace. They graduate in tone from clear, to lilac then hot pink. At the ends of the necklace I have used some vintage, swarvski crystals and a stunning sterling silver, floral, toggle and loop clasp. This is all traditionally knotted onto silk thread to complete the look.

My sister was thrilled with the necklace and will be wearing at her wedding.

I will be reproducing another necklace, just like this one for sale soon. Keep a look out on the necklaces gallery for more information.

18th Birthday Necklace

18th Birthday Necklace18th Birthday Necklace

It was my youngest sister's 18th birthday this year. To mark the occasion I made this necklace for her. This was made to go with an outfit that she wore to a hen night party. The theme was 60's and she was wearing black & white so this set her outfit off perfectly.

The centre-piece is a lampwork pendant. This is a work of art in itself. No two pendants are the same. To compliment this, I threaded white seed beads interspaced with black tourmalines and snowflake obsidians on one side of the necklace. The other side has black seed beads and two different sizes of moonstones. I have used a sterling silver toggle and loop set for the catch.

Pirate Bracelet

pirate bracelet

This bracelet was made for a young customer of mine who is mad about all things piratey!

This is different from all of my other bracelets as it was made using square stitch rather than peyote. This is a more time consuming stich, but is the strongest off loom stitch I know of.

I hope to add more square stich bracelets soon.

Racing Green Bracelet

The webmaster of Violet Fusion wanted a bracelet with racing stripes on a dark green background, and that's what he got!

The green beads are firepolished so they have an iridescent finish.

Red and Black Check Bracelet

This peyote stich bracelet has a really funky, checkered design.

I tried this design in a few different colours, but the red and black combination was my favourite.

Black with Garnets Collar Necklace

I actually lost count of how many garnets are in this necklace! I know there's over 120.

This was a treat for myself. I made chains for the back of this necklace, that dangle down my back. These chains are made with garnet rounds and heamatite stars.

Garnet and Heamatite Stars Earrings

These earrings are so wonderful, I made myself a set!

These are made with garnet rounds, heamatite stars and sterling silver findings.

Pearl Swirl with Blue Earrings

These earring are for sale in a slightly different colour in the galleries section.

Freshwater, peacock pearls with lashings of sterling silver.

The seed beads used are an aqua colour with a copper lining. This lining makes the beads sparkle.

Pearl Swirl with Pink Earrings

What a difference a colour change makes.

The same earring as before, but with a totally different look.

This time baby pink, lined beads have been used. These beads have the colour applied to only the inner most core of the bead, leaving the outer layers clear. The outer layer is then firepolished to give an iridescent sheen.

Double Daisy Choker

This double daisy design necklace is of choker length.

I used heamatite coloured beads with red, silver lined beads for contrast. To finish this choker off, I used garnets and snowflake obsidians.

Multi Strand Pink and Purple Necklace

This is one of my first multi-strand necklaces.

Rose quartz, amethysts, pearls, fluorites, moonstones, sterling silver and even more sterling silver make up this glorious triple stranded necklace.

Black Multi Strand Necklace

More multi-stranded joy!

Here again the best quality seed beads find a home alongside stunning, amethysts, heamatites, garnets, pearls and sterling silver.

Green Multi Strand Necklace

This triple stranded necklace uses amazonites, aventurines, amethysts, flourites, lots of sterling silver, a delicate millefiori star and pearls of two different sizes.

Amethyst Multi Strand Necklace

There are two faceted, amethyst drop beads on this necklace. I adore using these beads, they are of marvellous quality.

I have, once more used two different sizes of pearls, heamatites, garnets and lots of sterling silver and sparkly seed beads.

Success in Art Bind Rune

A very personal bind rune.

I made a special set of bind runes for me and my family. This is my rune. I wanted success in art. So combining two different runes I came up with this bind rune to suit my personal needs.

This rune, is made in the same way as the runic keyrings that I have for sale. I have added a sterling silver bail to the top and threaded it onto some leather thong.

Purple with Pink Daisies Choker

There's a variation on this necklace for sale in the galleries section of the website.

I have used amethysts and moonstones for the clasp beads here.

This necklace does not have the daisy chain dangles at the front like the other has. This necklace keeps things simple.

Snowflake Decorations

Pretty snowflakes - perfect as tree decorations.