Please click on the pictures for better views. For more information on each pair of earrings, please click the "more" link
Rainbow grey, asymmetrical earrings (more)9.99
Freshwater peacock pearl with silver swirl earrings (more)9.99
Haematite gem bead with silver swirl earrings (more)9.99
Amethyst and moonstone with silver star spacer earrings (more)6.99
Black with purple daisies earrings (more)7.99
Black with red daisies earrings (more)7.99
Black tourmaline with green seed bead earrings (more)6.99
Blue, red and black chevron earrings (more)9.99Sold Out - more will be available soon
Cream loop fringed earrings (more)9.99
Green fluorite with lime seed bead earrings (more)5.99
Fire polished hearts with blue and red seed bead earrings (more)5.99
Fire polished hearts with red and lime seed bead earrings (more)5.99
Fire polished hearts with moonstone earrings (more)5.99
Garnets with black tourmaline earrings (more)6.99
Garnets and silver stars spacer earrings (more)6.99
Green asymmetrical fringe earrings (more)9.99
Green, orange and rainbow striped earrings (more)9.99
Green with purple daisies earrings (more)7.99
Moonstone and snowflake obsidian earrings (more)5.99
Navy, lime and blue rainbow chevron earrings (more)9.99
Pink, blue and purple striped earrings (more)9.99
Pearl with silver swirl earrings (more)9.99
Turquoise chip with pink seed bead earrings (more)6.99
All prices are per pair of earrings - some are shown individually so you can see the detail better. Any photos you see of an earring in an ear is for illustration purposes only. You will not get that exact earring as that one is mine. Some of these earrings benefit from a photo showing how they hang when worn.

"I have bought a number of items from Violet Fusion, some "of the rack" and some made to personal requirements all have meet my expectations in design. All orders have arrived in the time expected and contact with Violet Fusion on any matters, i.e size requirements, have been easy and trouble free. In a time of big manufacturers it is nice to be able to buy from new and smaller traders and though I don't live in Edinburgh itself, feel I am buying locally." - Catherine Nicol, U.K (catherine@nicolcatherine.wanadoo.co.uk)