Jewellery Care

Beadwork does not like to get wet. The threads can warp and weaken, and in some cases the colours can run on certain beads If you do happen to accidentally get a piece wet, gently pat(do not rub) with a soft towel all over. Then lay the jewellery on a dry piece of the towel somewhere warm (but not in direct heat like on the heater). It is best to leave to to dry for about 6 hours or so. Hopefully it should dry just fine if you do this.

Beads do not like alcohol. Dont worry that does not mean you have to become tee-total! This means you should apply all perfumes, deodorants, hairsprays etc and let them dry, before you put on your jewellery.

The best conditions you can store your beadwork in is away from direct sunlight and heat sources and dust free.

Silver likes to be stored in airtight conditions in between periods of wear to prevent tarnish. Little plastic zip-lock bags are ideal for his. If the silver does tarnish I recommend using a specialist silver cleaning cloth. They last for years especially if you put them in a wee bag too.

Pearls on the other hand hate zip lock bags. Pearls are organic and they need to breathe. Ideally keep pearls somewhere away from direct heat and sunlight. Again the alcohol rule applies here. Use these and hand creams etc before you put jewellery on. Pearls benefit from being worn - the natural oils in skin actually improve the lustre of the pearl. If they get grubby try rubbing them gently with a soft, dry face cloth. If they are still dirty dampen the facecloth slightly and try again. Dry the pearls off and leave them out to dry thouroughly for a few hours afterwards before you put them away.