I have been working with Runes for many years now. I've found more of an affinity with the Germanic alphabet system than with any other runic alphabet I have tried. Therefore all of the Runic charms here, and the Secret Scroll Necklaces are pertaining to that runic alphabet. To learn more about the power of runes, please click here.

All of the Runic symbols shown here can be made into a necklace instead. I thread the pebble onto a leather thong using a sterling silver bail. To see how this looks please visit the custom design gallery

Please click on the pictures for better views. For more information on each rune, please click the "more" link
Bind RunesDescriptionPrice
Love Man for a Man - Bind Rune Keyring(more)5.99
Love Woman for a Woman - Bind Rune Keyring(more)5.99
Power - Bind Rune Keyring(more)5.99
Mental Power - Bind Rune Keyring(more)5.99
Success In Legal Action - Bind Rune Keyring(more)5.99
Happy Marriage - Bind Rune Keyring(more)5.99
Good Luck - Bind Rune Keyring(more)5.99
Love man for a woman (more)5.99
Love women for a man (more)5.99
Reproductive Problems (more)5.99

Alphabetical RunesDescriptionPrice
Runic symbol A - Ansuz (more)5.99
Runic symbol B - Berkana (more)5.99
Runic symbols C, K and Q - Kaunaz (more)5.99
Runic symbol D - Dagaz (more)5.99
Runic symbol E - Ehwaz (more)5.99
Runic symbols F and V - Fehu (more)5.99
Runic symbol G - Gebo (more)5.99
Runic symbol H - Hagalaz (more)5.99
Runic symbols I & Y - Isa (more)5.99
Runic symbols J - Jera (more)5.99
Runic symbols L - Laguz (more)5.99
Runic symbols M - Mannaz (more)5.99
I also make runic spell scrolls, which I encase inside a necklace. For more on my Secret Scroll Necklaces, please visit the necklace gallery.

"Can't express how beautiful your jewelry is in person, pics do NOT do justice!!!" - Rashell USA (www.cafepress.com/deeksdigs)