Techniques Used

Peyote stitch. I use this a lot. It is one of my most favourite beading techniques. This is a Native American beading technique, which allows you to hand weave items. No loom is used for peyote stitch which does mean it is more time consuming than loom work. The results of peyote stitch are finer than loom and more durable.

For a real idea on how peyote stitch works why not try it for yourself with the aid of these tutorials here.

Brick stitch. This is used on a lot of my earrings. It is also known as Comanche weave. Again an off loom beading technique. This stitch is often used alongside the ladder stitch to construct my earrings.

For an example of how ladder stitch works with brick stitch click here.

Netting stitch. This produces the lace-like collars that I have for sale. This is another off loom, bead weaving technique that was popularised in the Victorian era.

For a downloadable PDF file with instructions on how to do the netting stitch, please click here.

Daisy Chain & Double Daisy stitch. Another off loom, bead weaving technique. These make up the delicate daisy chains. A simple yet effective stitch. For a downloadable set of instructions on daisy chain stitch, click here.